wok and frying pan have no lids
Pots come with lids.

Induction, Gas stove, Radiant, Electric!

Material body (aluminum, ceramic coating)
Country of origin Korea

1. Good heat preservation.
2. It does not break well.
3. After washing, no residue of detergent remains.
4. You can wash well with sticky dishes.
5. this is light

☆ one-hand pot 18cm
components : one-hand pot 18cm + glass ild 18cm
size 345 x 180 x 85(mm) 1.6L

☆ two-hand pot 16cm
components : two-hand pot 16cm + glass ild 16cm
size 215x 160 x 80(mm) 1.2L

☆ two-hand pot 18cm
components : two-hand pot 18cm + glass ild 18cm
size 250 x 180 x 80(mm) 1.5L

☆ two-hand pot 22cm
components : two-hand pot 22cm + glass ild 22cm
size 285 x 220 x 90(mm) 2.57L

☆ two-hand pot 24cm
components : two-hand pot 24cm + glass ild 24cm
size 360 x 240 x 110(mm) 3.8L

☆ deep two-hand pot 22cm
components : deep two-hand pot 22cm + glass ild 22cm
size 285 x 220 x 155(mm) 4.65L

☆ pasta set deep two-hand pot 22cm
components : deep two-hand pot 22cm + glass ild 22cm + stan net

☆ 18cm Petit Wok: 210 X 180 X 60 (mm) 518g

☆ 24cm frying pan: 410 X 240 X 54 (mm) 765g

☆ 28cm frying pan: 447 X 280 X 55 (mm) 995g

☆ 26cm Wok: 430 X 260 X 76 (mm) 880g

☆ 15cm EggRoll Pan: 302 X 150 X 35 (mm) 522g

☆ 29cm Brunch Pan : 375 X 290 X 90 (mm) 960g

☆ 29cm Brunch Pan With lid : 375 X 290 X 90 (mm) 1740g

1. Before using the product for the first time, use detergent
Use after washing thoroughly with lukewarm water.
2. When cooking, using wood or silicon cookware rather than metallic cookware helps the life of the product.
3. After use, wash thoroughly to remove moisture and store in a dry state.
4. Extrema (ceramic) coated products are cooking containers, not storage containers, so storing food with food may cause corrosion.
5. Since it is a product with high thermal efficiency, it is recommended to use under medium heat
6. When washing, use iron scrubbers, bleach, or detergent with coarse particles as it may damage the coating.
7. Do not use in microwave or dishwasher.(When using the oven, only the body of the water pot is possible / No lid)
8. It may be deformed when the wooden handle and lid knob are immersed in water for a long time or when a powerful cleaning tool is used.

Weight 2.0 kg
Dimensions 50 × 30 × 10 cm

Brunch 29cm No lid, Brunch 29cm With lid, Deep pot 22cm, Eggroll pan 15cm, Frying pan 24cm, Frying pan 28cm, One hand pot 18cm, Pasta Set Deep 22cm, Petti Wok 18cm, Square 28cm Grill, Two hand pot 16cm, Two hand pot 18cm, Two hand pot 22cm, Two hand pot 24cm, Wok 26cm


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