MCยฑWELL Microcurrent Anti-aging Mask Pack! When should I use it?
– Who wants to take care of wrinkles & elasticity?
– Anyone with sensitive skin who can’t use any of the ingredients.
– Poor skin
– Anyone who wants to help activate skin’s self-sustainability.
– Anyone who wants home care at home easily.
– Who wants to do intensive care in a short period of time?
– Who hasn’t had any effect with skin care?

Microcurrent Beauty Device
– Energy activation in the skin
– Improves skin elasticity
– Helps regenerate skin
– Helps absorb essence ingredients

Mask Pack Essence Components
– Recharge & Moisturize moisture in the skin
– Sensitive soothing.
– Concentrated components for elasticity & wrinkle improvement

Completed clinical trial of P&K Skin Clinical Research Center

EWG All Green Rating
I’m worried about the ingredients because of the KFDA certification.

+ Functional main components
Wrinkle improvement: adenosine
Skin Whitening: Niacin Amide
+ Boosting Components
Skin elasticity: collagen production
Moisturizing: Oligoha – Collagen Support
Wrinkle pores: Sincall – Collagen maintenance

Differentiated essence formulation and collagen oil capsules maximize moisturizing power

Special MCยฑWELL mask sheet that delivers microcurrent to the entire face

Adherence & Transparency

Microcurrent effect UP with a tight, three-dimensional adhesive sheet!


A mask that doesn’t stretch!

Moisturizing / Dry Time
– 48 minutes, water-tightening ability!

Using a handkerchief
– The mode automatically proceeds without further operation with the mask sheet detection sensor.

MCยฑWELL Mode Guide
Sensor recognition mode: 5 seconds
– The sensor recognition alert sounds and the light flashes rapidly.
Boosting mode: 20 minutes
– Start notification sounds and the light flashes slowly.
Standby mode: 20 minutes
– The end notification sounds and the light goes out.
๐Ÿ“Œ Reuse is available in 20 minutes.

How to Use MCยฑWELL

Q. I wore it properly, but there is no response to the device.
A. Press the sensor recognition part of the attached device in the direction of the forehead so that the light flashes for about 5 seconds, and the boosting mode will work normally.

Q. The device doesn’t come off the magnet terminal very well.
A. Gently press the device and slide it up to remove it, making it easier to remove it from the mask sheet magnet terminal.

Q. The mask pack metal terminal fell off.
A. Metal terminals may fall when de-vang gas is removed. It’s not defective because it’s for one-time use.

Q. What should I do with the device after use?
A. After using the mask, wipe the device with tissue and thoroughly wipe the essence on the back terminal.Please keep it separately afterwards.
๐Ÿ“Œ Reuse should be used 20 minutes after boosting mode has been completed.

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 12 × 18 × 4 cm

Half Set, Full Set


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