📌 As a single product of the mask pack, you need to purchase the microcurrent device separately.

⭐ Easy care from Aesthetic at home!

⭐ Vegan Certified Products

⭐ When should I use it?

– Wrinkles / Who wants to take care of their elasticity?

– Anyone with sensitive skin who can’t use any of the ingredients.

– Skinny. – Skinny.

– Anyone who wants to help activate skin’s self-sustainability.

– Anyone who wants home care at home easily.

– Who wants to do intensive care in a short period of time?

– Who hasn’t had any effect with skin care?


1. Pass tests such as conductivity, eye safety, and skin irritation

2. Strengthen skin’s natural ability

3. 3 types of long-lasting ingredients certified by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety + patented ingredients

4. Maximized nutrition + excellent absorption at the same time!

⭐ Effectiveness

– Wrinkle improvement / Skin whitening

– Skin elasticity / Moisturizing / Wrinkle pores

⭐ Differentiated essence formulation and collagen oil cams maximize moisturizing power

– Anti-aging

– Create Moisturizing Membrane

– Effective Component Protection

⭐ EWG All Green Rating

⭐ How to use

1. Please prepare a pouch.

2. Push down the pouch valve with a “tick!” sound.

3. Gently squeeze the mask sheet until the essence seeps into it.

4. Make your skin light with cotton with toner on it.

5. Please put on the mask sheet.

6. When the device is correctly attached to the metal terminals on the forehead, an audible alarm sounds and sensor recognition mode is initiated.

7. After the sensor recognition mode has ended, the boosting mode will continue for 20 minutes with an audible notification.

8. The alarm sounds, the boosting mode exits, and is in standby mode for 20 minutes.

After removing the mask pack, absorb the remaining essence into the skin.

📌 Precautions

1. It is recommended that pregnant women, people who have received skin treatments, and those who have received it should use it after consulting with an expert.

2. Attach the mask pack and wipe the essence off your hands before touching the device.

3. When using cosmetics or if there are any abnormal symptoms or side effects such as red spots, swelling, or itching due to direct sunlight, consult a specialist, etc.

4. Please refrain from using it on areas with wounds.

5. Avoid using it around your eyes.

6. The mask pack is a disposable product, so please use it immediately after opening it.

7. Do not reuse the mask pack that you have used once.

Weight 0.025 kg
Dimensions 12 × 18 × 0.2 cm

1ea, 5ea, 10ea


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