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Content: 1BOX (5g X 21 pcs)

⭐ How idols diet!

⭐ Women’s top three worries!

– Take care of yourself

– Swelling management

– Toilet trouble.

πŸ“Œ Triple management.

⭐ The ingredients for the ⭐ concept are not just mimicking, but they are not spared the content to make it effective.

You’ll find out when you try it!

⭐ Points

1. Intestinal health – Lightens the insides.

2. Essential phytamine

⭐ Drinking TIP!

– Cool water / Hot water

– Right after the meal. – Right after the midnight snack. (More than 3 bags a day)

– Ginger flavored with lemon flavor, you can drink it with cold water or warm tea.

– Especially after eating greasy food or late night snack, I recommend you to drink warm tea.

1. Before exercise

– Eat 30 minutes before exercising. You can feel the activated metabolism.

2. Intake

– 2 to 4 guns per day (3 guns per day for short-term planning / recommended for at least 2 weeks)

πŸ“Œ Caution

– I don’t recommend eating it with other diet ingredients.

– Thyroid disease / Herbal allergy

– If you have a stomachache, I recommend you try a warm tea so that your intestines won’t be too heavy.


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