When you need a shepherd.

Don’t leave it unattended anymore.

Available at various times and locations

– Wear the product and turn the attached dial to experience a comfortable and excellent towing effect.

Air is injected into the towing belt, forming a column shape, covering the neck area and transmitting force vertically up and down.


Disk Dr. 5 Features

– Dial: Adjustable with less force

– Bracket: Reduces irritation of neck and chest area

– Traction belt: Provides strong traction

– Stand: Designed to be worn lying down

– Hand pump: Pressure can be checked when air is injected

+ Adjust the size and push the chin.

How to Wear the Product

Lying Towing (Wearing)

– It is effective to wear it in the correct position.

Bracket made in consideration of the shape of the neck and chin

Try it on and experience it!

+ Free Size

You can use it with free-size products that don’t distinguish sizes, from students studying to office workers, housewives, and elderly parents.

+ Easy to wash due to detachable attachment

πŸ“Œ 20~30 minutes a day, 3~4 times a day


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