Even when you put on famous cosmetics, your skin is dry and dry like old fruit. It’s because you’re old!!!
Collagen that decreases over time

Smart product that brought the esthetic home.

Anti-aging 3 Steps
1. Repairstem colplex: 10% of stem cell culture fluid, collagen production, elastin preservation
2. Exosome: Technology to deliver nutrients to the skin as needed
3. Duplex RX: 6% Panthenol & Pixalia Contains Moisturizing

“Price Β£, content 2x”

More accurate Re:tone Daily as you apply it every day
– It builds up the elasticity and moisture from the inside to the outside every day.

# Re:tology’s proposed home aesthetic course

+ Normal skin type anti-aging routine
Step 1. Apply a small amount of re:tone72 after washing your face in the evening.
Step 2. re:tone72 On your day off, try using re:tone daily for breakfast and dinner.
+ sensitive skin type anti-aging routine
Step 1. After washing your face, use a small amount of re:tone daily in the last step of the foundation.
Step 2. Continue to buy breakfast and dinner every morning.

+ Actual user reviews

Skin irritation test completed


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