Asole Story

1. Atomy Absolute Skincare presents “An Era of Youthful Skin”

It effectively targets skin for signs of aging; rendering a more youthful appearance.

2. Absolute dermatological science is progressive and revolutionary

Atom/s historically groundbreaking “Skincare 6 System” has been improved with subsequent years of dedicated research, giving birth to the new and innovative technology found in Absolute Skincare.

3.6 Key Technologies

Absolute^ advanced formula boasts of advancements made to

4 of the existing Atomy skincare technologies plus 2 new technologies.

4.   “Green tea essential water11- starts with a new base

Tocopherol and catechin have been added

to green tea water, forming “green tea essential water”- Atomy Absolute Skincare’s new moisturizing base ingredient.

5.   A luxurious tuberose fragrance

Atomy Absolute Skincare has a luxurious tuberose scent.

An upgrade to Atomy’s Skincare 6 System

High Purification Technology

• Developed by Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI)

Purification technique that improves discoloration of dehydrated extracts from oxidation

Fresh Herb Extraction Biotechnology

• Developed by Kolmar BNH (SBT)

Extracts  highly  potent  active  ingredients  from  fresh  herbs  immediately after harvesting

Fermentation Technology

• Uses microbial enzymes to break down particles in active ingredients for better absorption

Multiple Capsulation Delivery Technology

•Improves absorption through “multi-capsule system” where oil and water soluble active ingredients are stabilized

larger specific zones tnat snow signs or aging

Guarantee by DERMATEST®

Received “Excellent” grade from Dermatest,

the world-renowned German dermatology research institute.

Who is Dermatest?

Dermatest from Germany conducts clinical dermatology tests (irritation) with great reliability based on strict standards and certification test procedures. This global dermatology research center was the first of its kind in Germany in 1978. They investigate and evaluate products used on the skin through scientific methods and allow consumers to compare the safety of products with ease. They also work with prestigious research teams in various fields.

Significance of Dermatest Certification

• Certified products can be trusted to be without components that may irritate the skin,

• These products are significantly less likely to cause allergic reactions or irritate the skin after use.

• These products have been verified for safety through various test groups and customized tests.

Absolute Toner

A brightening toner that soothes and moisturizes skin

15% Absolute Code – BR

Absolute Ampoule

A powerful anti-aging ampoule infused with Absolute technology

30% Absolute Code -AL

P&K Skin Clinical Research Center

/ 21 women (ages  35-55) / Test period: 4 weeks  /

Results  after 4 weeks  of using Atomy Absolute Ampoule /

Results may differ with each individual


For best results, use product consistently for one month,

the skin’s natural turnover cycle.

Absolute Serum

A highly concentrated serum that increases the elasticity ofyour skin through carefully selected ingredients

20% Absolute Code – AL

Absolute Lotion

A lotion that strengthens and provides a smooth base for your skin

Absolute Eye-Complex

An eye cream that visibly smooths fine lines and wrinkles

20% Absolute Code – AL

P&K Skin Clinical Research Center

/ 21 women (ages 35-55) / Test period: 2 weeks / Results after 2 weeks of using Atomy 

Absolute Eye-Complex / Results may differ with each individua

Absolute Nutrition Cream

A rich face cream with anti-aging benefits that improves overall elasticity 

20% Absolute Code – LI

1. For external use only.

2.Avoid  getting  in  eyes.  In  case  of  eye  contact,  rinse  immediately with water.

3.If redness/rash, itching or irritation occurs, discontinue use and consult a physician.

4.Keep out of reach of children.

5.Store at room temperature.

6.Avoid direct exposure to sunlight.

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 33 × 21 × 75 cm


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