AHC Ageless Real Eye Cream for Face Season 9 30ml x 2

◆ The product provided by Habin Monde is 100% delivered from Korea.◆

▶An eye cream that is rich in moisture and applied to the entire face as a concentrated nutrient cream type

▶Contains collagen, elastin, and peptides similar to humans.

   ▶Helps improve skin moisturization

   ▶Helps improve skin elasticity

   ▶ Helps improve the number of wrinkles, length of wrinkles, area of wrinkles, and depth of wrinkles

   ▶Helps improve pores

▶Whitening, wrinkle functional products

▶It contains 20s biomass for the first time in AHC and takes care of it as healthy as young skin.

▶Patented micro-process with ultra-high pressure, ultra-fine tube, ultra-speed, three-stage micro-processes, splits the entire eye cream into 1/500th the size of the pores.

   Absorb the skin to the 10th floor.

★How to use

After you use toner to cleanse your skin, tap it lightly around your eyes. 

It absorbs it.

★Special Care

Apply evenly over the entire face at the last step of skincare to absorb it.

In the case of rough skin that feels severe dryness, apply it again and gently rub it to absorb.

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