?[Product Info]
Capacity (weight): 57g * 5ea
All skin available
Country of origin: Korea

?[Product Description]
Customized special care mask separating the upper and lower layers of the face

The upper and lower layers are separated, and the upper layers of the adhesive material focus on moisturizing the eyes and forehead, while the lower layers of the elastic make the skin elastic and smooth along the cheeks, chin, and neckline.

Cupra Sheet: The cupra material is a 100% cellulose fiber specially processed by extracting cottonseed short hairs. It is popular because it has absorbent and water-resistant properties, and it is a material that has excellent skin adhesion and essence transfer, and enhances essence penetration.

Triple Layer Sheet: The triple layer sheet has features that keep the mask moist for a long time.
Highly concentrated essence nourishes the skin slowly and steadily for a certain period of time, further increasing the skin absorption rate of the essence’s active ingredient.

1 pack per week, OK: Effect of absorbing more than 1 bottle of normal essence into the skin

It adheres tightly to the skin and customized care for each part of the face!
Best cost-effective premium pack with moisturizing and strong elasticity

?[Use it at times like this.]
✔Anyone who needs a strong moisturizing charge due to dry skin
✔You’re concerned about the growing wrinkles around your chin and neck and the sagging skin around your cheeks.
✔Worried about dull skin tone and rough skin texture
✔Anyone who wants the effect of quick whitening and wrinkling?
✔Anyone who wants to invigorate their skin tired of UV rays and stress?
✔Anyone who has difficulty managing daily and needs high-concentration skincare?

❓[directions for use]
1. After washing your face, clean up your skin with cosmetics, etc.
2. Open the top pouch and attach it from the forehead to the bottom of the nose.
3. Open the lower pouch and apply it to the cheeks, chin, and neck line.
4. Remove the mask after approximately 10 to 20 minutes.
Tap the remaining essence on the skin to absorb it.


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