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Audreysun TCF Double Core Large 10P 2x pack
Eco-friendly, Organic, and Hypoallergenic. Audrey Sun uses only the best for the best. We are a brand founded on FULL TRANSPARENCY & TRACEABILITY because everyone should know exactly what they’re using on their bodies and how these ingredients are sourced. All ingredients can be found directly on the packaging.

Here at team Audrey Sun, we strive to make products putting safety, funcationality, and of course comfort at our top priorities. Back in 2018, there was a major global controversy with many of the leading feminine hygiene brands being discovered to be selling products with harmful chemicals and endocrine disruptors. These chemicals were proven to have long term consequences for women including changes in menstrual cycles, increased menstrual cramps, and skin related issues. It was this event that led us to create a product that women would never need to worry about. A product with full transparency and traceability at each stage of the manufacturing & production process. A product that uses organic and natural ingredients from renewable resources. A product that is a truly eco-friendly alternative to the conventional micoplastic pads. With that Audrey Sun was born with the latest in technological and eco advancements – TCF Double Core.

What makes Audrey Sun so Great?

An in-depth analysis on each component of the pad:


Wings on pads serve to help the pads stay in place by sticking to your undies. Audery Sun’s wings do this, and provide an additional barrier to prevent any unwanted leaks from the sides. This is done through our innovative wing design which creates an extra obstacle for side leakage.


Organic cotton is used for the top sheet/cover to provide easy permeability so fluids can seep through immediately through to the absorbent core.


Pulp and SAP are the most common materials used for the absorbent core (commonly found in diapers). However SAP is a microplastic that aids in the worlds plastic crisis. Some brands will use just pulp as a more natural absorption option. Which fails in comparison to its synthetic counterpart.

Audrey Sun developed a Double Core system by combining the quickly absorbing cotton and fluid-retaining pulp (further supported by its compressed nature) which combats the low absorption found in typical natural absorption and providing a completely natrural alternative to SAP pads.


The backfilm provides a last barrier of defense against any leaks while staying microscopically porous to prevent dampness and humidity.

💚 About this item 💚

Audreysun Trial SET : TCF Double Core Large 2x pack 

Made in Korea

💚 Prduct Size, Qty 💚

 – Pantyliner :  17.5cm (20p, 1pack)

– Medium : 24cm (12p, 1pack)

– Large : 28cm (10p, 1pack)


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