?[Product Info]
Capacity (weight): 25 ml * 10EA
All skin available
Country of origin: Korea

?[Product Description]
Focusing insufficient nutrition on a single sheet
Honey Moisture Essence Mask contains propolis extract, royal jelly extract, and honey extract, which permeates deep into the dry and loose skin, providing rich nutrition and moisturizing to keep the skin glossy and healthy.
In addition, the mask sheet is made of natural pulp fabric and is safe for skin, and the moisture storage capacity of the sheet is excellent to maintain moisture for a long time.

★ product component
Propolis extract: Skin calming / Skin protection
Royal jelly extract: Skin Reinforcement / Skin Moisturization
Honey extract: Skin moisturizing / Skin nourishment

?[Use it at times like this.]
✔sensitive, sagging skin
✔When you want to moisturize for a long time

❓[directions for use]
1. Cleanse your skin with toner after washing your face.
2.Open the mask and attach the sheet to the face.
Leave it for 3.10 to 20 minutes, and when it absorbs to a certain extent, slowly remove it.
4. Tap the remaining essence on your skin to absorb it.


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