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Let’s finish with one bottle.

✔ Use Effect Video : https://youtu.be/5r5Uz3M2thY

·100% Genuine from Korea.
·Lifting ampule a big hit in Korea.
·Double functionality of brightening and wrinkle care.
·Use safe ingredients of EWG green grade.
(While glycolic acid is yellow grade, but it is safe. Because the final acidity changes to weak acid ph 5.5 after dissolving the melting thread as an essential material for melting.)
·DIY product which is made by the users at the point of usage.
·While you’re asleep returns skin time.
·If it is not used immediately after melting, it within 1 week in the refrigerate.

✔ Human Test
Eye end lifting care,Mouth corner lifting care,Face sagging care,Next-to-nose wrinkle care,Neck wrinkle care,Moisture care,Dead skin care . The authorized testing agency confirmed that seven items will be improved immediately and continuously after two weeks.

·Manufacturer: CLEANS COSMETIC in Korea
·Development and a patentee: NAMUTREE in Korea

✔ Product: DA99 Home Esthetic Lifting Program
New concept sleep lifting program which is instantly changed to enriched ampoule mask gel by 3 step lifting process of blending, shaking and melting a functional ampoule that helps to improve loss of elasticity and dull-looking skin color of wrinkled sagging skin related to old age with the natural fine thread (melting thread) gives elasticity and vitality to loose and dull-looking skin right away and vitalizes the skin consistently during sleep.

✔ Efficacy and effect : That is effective in brightening and against wrinkles.
✔ Volume : (Ampoule: 3.5ml/ Yarn(thread): 0.04g) x 4Bottle, 3package
✔ Usage : This product is used for users to blend essence and the melting thread together right before use. / Spread an appropriate amount evenly on to skin. / Use one whole ampoule once a week / 3month program

✔ While you’re asleep returns skin time
Like a fairy tale heroine Like the young and beautiful “Sleeping Beauty” Turn back your skin time while you’re asleep Anti-aging home care that becomes incredibly young
By lifting during sleep Improve wrinkles and facial contours and Control the elasticity of the skin.

✔ How to use
Video : https://youtu.be/od7qsgh0srY

1. Press the button and shake to make the ball in the button take out the melting thread.
2.Shake the bottle strongly in order to mix the essence and the melting thread.
3.Wait for 5~10 minutes for the melting thread mixed in essence can be melted sufficiently.
4.Take sufficiently melted liquid and evenly spread on the moisty face and neck after washing face.
5.Take sleep enjoying feeling of lifting.
6.Wash face with only water when you get up.
7. Mix the remaining DA99 lifting ampoule with mist or skin essence and apply to the face and neck.
8. Using once a week, every week.

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