?[Product Info]
Capacity (weight): 22 ml * 10EA
All skin available
Country of origin: Korea

?[Product Description]
A ‘sticking sap mask’ that takes care of fatigue accumulated on the skin by 18 amino acids and 7 moisturizing hyaluronic acids.

7 hyaluronic acids and 18 amino acids keep skin firm and moisturized

seamless close fitting 100% natural pulp-derived cellulose

10Extra-free safety formula, skin irritation test completed.

100% natural cellulose sheet
soft silk texture
close fitting without lifting up without lifting
Long-lasting Real Moisture

★ product component
Aspartate: Skin fatigue recovery and nutrients that relieve fatigue accumulated on the skin

Amino 18 : Amino acid, the smallest unit of protein, is an important nutrient that makes up the body and skin, and a skin moisturizing component that analyzes amino acids in natural moisturizing factors in the stratum corneum that plays an important role in maintaining skin moisturization to keep the skin dry.

7 moisturizing hyaluronic acids: moisture protection film that moistens dry and dry skin with 7 different sizes of hyaluronic acid

Skin Becomes Healthy with 7 Natural Plant Extracts

?[recommend it to these people.]
✔When you want to provide full nutrition and moisture to your dry, dry skin.
✔When you want to make your skin wrinkle-free and smooth.
✔When your skin needs immediate special care before an important sudden appointment.
✔Those who complete the skin irritation test and find one pack of hypoallergenic masks a day without adding harmful ingredients.

❓[directions for use]
1. After washing your face, lightly clean your skin with toner.
2.Take out the mask and evenly adhere to the entire face except around the eyes and mouth.
3.Rest for 10 to 20 minutes to fully absorb essence contents.
4. Remove the mask from the face and tap the remaining essence on the face to absorb it.


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