Around the retina. Lutein!
The center. Jia Zantin!

I’d like to help these people.
People who work on computers and use smartphones for a long time.
Someone who needs visual adaptation in the dark.
Someone who studies and reads for a long time.
Anyone who needs vitamin A and E supplementation?
Someone whose eyes are blurry due to aging.
For those who drive for a long time or at night a lot.
Who’s frustrated with blurry eyes?
If you want to keep your eyes healthy, check list!

A very small amount of the ingredient!
Among marigold flower lkg,
But, 0.003kg Jiaxantin?

It’s made with precious ingredients!
The macular pigment density that can be reduced due to aging,
It can help your eye health by maintaining it.

Once a day. Once a day capsules.
“Drink it with water!”

This is the size of the 20.5 inch PC monitor screen.
(There may be a difference in size depending on the monitor resolution.)
The texture is a capsule. It’s easy to use with water.
You can eat it and it’s easy to store.
However, avoid direct sunlight and humid places.

[Precautions for intake] Specific diseases, specific constitution, allergic constitution, and pregnant women sometimes overreact.
It can be done, so please check the raw materials and consult an expert before eating. [20% lutein combination extract]
Excessive consumption can temporarily turn your skin yellow, so pregnant women need to consult a doctor before consumption.

Weight 0.3 kg


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