?[Product Info]
Capacity (weight): 30 g*5EA
All skin available
Country of origin: Korea

?[Product Description]
It solves the problem of uneven skin tone by using a combination of texture, tone, and light on dull skin.
Clear and clear your dull skin with brightening effect!

Reduce frustration by using a skin gel, an airy fabric, for the skin to breathe.

Highly nutritious as it contains a greater amount of essence than the existing mask pack’s essence content

It contains birch sap and carnocin, so the irritating class soothes the skin with moisture and nutrition, and takes care of skin that needs care such as skin tone and elasticity.

Thin fabric material that adheres to curved skin without lifting it to deliver deep moisture to the skin.

Non-flowing jelly essence does not evaporate easily into the air compared to normal liquid essence, delivering effective ingredients to the skin for a long time

One pack per day is available as a base prescription for hypoallergenic and sensitive skin, and the skin can be improved with elasticity, moisturizing, and nutritional essence.

◎ product component
Biomimetric water: Moisturizing skin, nourishing skin, strengthening skin barrier
SYN-COLL: Increase skin elasticity, improve skin texture, and improve wrinkles.
Vitamin complex: Vitamin compound/skin vitality, skin vitality, skin tone improvement
Birch sap: Rich nutrition supply of minerals and organic acids, antioxidant effects, natural moisturizers
Plant Cell Extracts: Improving skin vitality, antioxidant effects, improving skin tone

?[Use it at times like this.]
✔When the elasticity of the loose skin is a concern
✔When dry skin is a concern
✔When I’m worried about my dull skin tone

❓[directions for use]
After washing your face, clean up the skin with a toner, stick to the entire face except around your eyes and mouth, and take it off after 10 to 20 minutes and tap it lightly to absorb it.


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