?[Product Info]
Capacity (weight): 286 mg * 180EA(6 month)
Country of origin: Korea

?[Product Description]
Easy to put in your mouth before you go to bed, not hard-to-eat powders or pills!
It absorbs 92 times more than collagen you put on your skin!
It’s made from Norway, cod, a pristine area of high quality raw materials.
Grapefruit flavor with zero calorie

◎ Product Effectiveness
Enhance skin and scalp health: Collagen can increase skin and scalp waterbin and elasticity.
Joint Strength and cartilage regeneration: Collagen can reduce the pain of joint disease and improve joint movement.
Mitigation of digestive tract diseases: It can help relieve various digestive system diseases such as intestinal leakage and improve digestive functions.
Improved metabolism and body function: amino acid glycerin, a major component of collagen, helps balance sugar levels and can have a positive effect on cell tissue or brain nervous system.
Sleeping: Amino-acid glycerin can help you get a good night.

What is collagen?
– It is a type of protein that is the main component of the body, including joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons, skin and hair, accounting for about 90% of the dermis of the skin and about 30% of the protein in the body.

?[Use it at times like this.]
✔Those who have a lot of makeup on these days.
✔Someone who can’t afford to take care of her skin due to her busy life.
✔Find collagen that is easy to consume
✔A person who can’t sleep because of changing skin worries.
✔People who are worried about skin damage due to frequent outdoor activities

❓[directions for use]
Stick 1-2 sheets a day before bed on both cheeks or under the roof of the mouth or tongue and slowly melt them.

* Do not melt with your tongue after attaching it.


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