💎Brand & production💎

– Hanyang food, which has been around since 1981

– Seasoned squid , Dried fish, etc. 

🥢Storage method🥢

– Store in a cool place away from direct sunlight

🍤Ingredients and Nutrient Ingredients🍤

– Squid rich in protein, calcium and taurine.

🍖Product Features🍖

– A chewy and addictive snack

– Light flavor and spicy flavor set

– Not only for children’s snacks, but also for movies, camping, and simple beer snacks!

🍻Squid Short Leg + Spicy Squid Short Leg Set with a chewy texture🍻

Meet the short leg set that gives you a lot of pleasure in your mouth with a chewy texture. It consists of squid short legs and spicy squid short legs. It is carefully selected with fresh, high-quality squid’s plump legs, full of unique taste and nutrition. You can taste the light and salty taste and the spicy and sweet taste respectively, so it is good to choose according to your taste.

🍺You can eat it like this!🍺

– If you cook it in the microwave for about 10 seconds, you can enjoy a more crunchy and deeper squid short leg. 

– It can be eaten abundantly if it is served with nuts, almonds, and walnuts that suit your taste. 


– It’s so delicious that it can go away quickly.

– The product may be hard, so if you have weak teeth, take it with care.

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