💎Brand & production💎

– Hanyang food, which has been around since 1981

– Seasoned squid , Dried fish, etc. 

🥢Storage method🥢

– Store in a cool place away from direct sunlight

🍤Ingredients and Nutrient Ingredients🍤

– Squid rich in protein, calcium and taurine.

🍖Product Features🍖

– A chewy and addictive snack

– Full of savory flavor of salty seasoning

– Not only for children’s snacks, but also for movies, camping, and simple beer snacks!

🛒The taste of memories sold in front of school🛒

It’s a memorable snack for korean sold near the school. 

It has a chewy texture and is a good snack to eat when you want to chew something.

It has a strong addiction with a sweet and salty taste. 

It can be eaten as a snack when your mouth is bored, 

it goes well with a cold beer snack. Depending on your preference, 

you can eat it with a sauce such as mayonnaise, or simply turn it in the microwave for a crunchy texture.

🍺You can eat it like this!🍺

If you cook it in the microwave for about 10 seconds, you can enjoy a more crunchy and deeper squid short leg. 


– It’s so delicious that it can go away quickly.

– The product may be hard, so if you have weak teeth, take it with care.

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