01. Shin Ramyun(original)120g

Spicy flavor loved by Koreans, representative ramyun of Korea!!!

Since its development in October 1986, Shin Ramyun has been steadily loved until now.

02. Shin Ramyun Black(130g)

NEW Shin Ramyun Black!  Experience the difference!  Much better with MICROWAVE!!  

Shin Ramyun Black is a premium version of the famous Shin Ramyun.  Our renewed version is deeper and thicker!  Perfect thickness of noodle that can be cooked with both microwave and boiling water! Extra bountiful flakes that are double the amount of previous Shin Ramyun Black!

▶ Perfectly al-Dante noodle

▶ More decadent flavor from pork broth

▶ Abundant flakes

03. Shin Ramyun Light(97g)

Delicious and clean taste! Shin Ramyun Light uses non-fried dried noodles, so you can enjoy a more delicious and clean taste of Shin Ramyun.

04. Ansungtangmyun (125g)

The deep flavor extracted from beef-bone and meat brings the original flavor of cabbage leaves together with soybean paste and chili powder. The thick broth soup and chewy thin noodles are beloved by Koreans. ‘Ansung’, the long-standing breadbasket, was also famous for its beef market so as named ‘Ansungmatsum’ which means Ansung is fit for all. Nongshim paid attention to the high recognition of Ansung by consumers and emphasized the local name and broth taste by using ‘Ansung’ in the product name.

05. Chapaghetti (140g)

No.1 Chajang ramyun accounting for more than 90% of the market for chajang ramyun in Korea, Chapaghetti.

Enjoy delicious Chajang noodles in just 5 minutes. Traditional menu for eating out in Korea, Chajangmyun is developed into more convenient Chapaghetti available anywhere and anytime. The advertisement catchphrase ‘On Sunday, I am the chef for Chapaghetti’ made Chapaghetti the Sunday lunch menu. Similar instant chajang noodles came and disappeared again and again.

However, Chapaghetti has been popular for 30 years from its release ranking in the Top 10 in the market for ramyun.

06.Yukejang (116g)

Best-seller since 1982, enjoy Yukejang(Beef Bowl Noodle Soup) now as bag ramyun. 

Resilient thin noodles and spicy Yukejang soup are featured.

Plentiful flakes of large volcano crab meat make the taste of Yukejang. Quickly and conveniently enjoy in 2 minutes.

07. Neoguri Spice(120g)

Neoguri is a long-running brand of Nongshim which has been a favorite since its release in 1982.

It features deep and clean broth and plump and al dente noodles. Chunks of Korean kelp became the unique characteristic of Neoguri adding taste and nutrition.

08. Angry RtA (121g)

Thicker noodles and more spicy soup! More al dente noodles!

Three times deeper and spicier taste than spicy Neoguri

09. Neoguri Mild(120g)

With al dente plump noodles and mild clean broth, this product is recommended for those who prefer mild ramyun and those who are tired of overly spicy noodles. 

Rich seaweed and domestic kelp gathered from a clean sea area add a refreshing taste to the broth.

Weight N/A
Nongshim Korean Famous Ramen Variety Selection

01. Shin Ramyun(original)*5, 02. Shin Ramyun Black*4, 03. Shin Ramyun Light*5, 04. Ansungtangmyun*5, 05. Chapaghetti*5, 06. Yukejang*4, 07. Neoguri (spice)*5, 08. Angry RtA*5, 09. Neoguri Mild*5


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