Enjoy delicious cup rice at home easily.

It is various Rice Soup in Korea.

😋Choose according to your taste.


1. 🐟 Dried pollack soup with Bean sprouts (301g) : Crispy bean sprouts in a spicy pollack soup.

2. 🐂 Hotpot Bulgogi (320g) : It is beef soup. It tastes better with chewy noodles. (Not spicy)

3. 🐖 Budaejjigae (311g) : Spicy Sausage Stew.

4. 🍲 Kimchi pot stew (310g) : It tastes like traditional Korean kimchi pot stew.

5. 🦀🦑🦐 Jin Jjamppong rice (217.5g) : Spicy seafood soup.

6. 🌿🐂 Seaweed soup with beef (314g) : Korean traditional seaweed soup. (Not spicy)

7. 🐂 Pyongyang-style soup with shreoded beef (281.5g) : Chewy beef and clean soup

8. 🐖 Busan-style pork and rice soup (316g) : Chewy pork and delicious broth

9. 🍲 Rice and soybean paste soup (310g) : Traditional Korean Soybean Paste Soup Taste

10. 🐂 Suwon-style Beef rib soup (311g) : Plain short rib soup with beef


⚡️Microwave recipe

1. Put all the contents in.

2. Pour water up to the marked line (120ml~140ml).

3. Heat it in the microwave.

(700w hot water 3 minutes, 4 minutes cold water /1000w hot water 2 minutes, 3 minutes cold water)

4. Enjoy eat! Yum yum yum 😀


💧Boiling water recipe

1. Put 170ml~300ml of water in a pot.

2. Add all the rest except rice.

3. When the water starts to boil, add rice.

4. Boil for another minute and a half.

5. Enjoy eat! Yum yum yum 😀


🥣The recipes are slightly different for each product, so please refer to the recipes for each product.

Weight .6 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 30 cm

Dried pollack soup with Bean sprouts, Hotpot Bulgogi, Budaejjigae, Kimchi pot stew, Jin Jjamppong rice, Seaweed soup with beef, Pyongyang-style soup with shreoded beef, Busan-style pork and rice soup, Rice and soybean paste soup, Suwon-style Beef rib soup


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