?[Product Info]
Capacity (weight): 1set (3g * 10EA) 3type select 1 (5 type Select 1) (Peach, Fruits, Honey, Milk, Herb)
All skin available
Country of origin: Korea

?[Product Description]
Until when are you going to dry?

Lip patch for rough lips!

No, they’re all the same care.
Let’s choose one that fits my skin!
Five customized lip packs!

Hydrogel lip pack for moist lips

1. Peach(3gx10ea) : protective/nutritive protection
Lip pack patches to protect dry skin!

2. Fruits(3gx10ea) : Moisture/flex
Moisturizing, nutritious, sweet fruit lip pack Fruits!

3. Honey(3gx10ea) : calming/Moisturizing
Honey, lip pack with excellent soothing and rich moisturizing!

4. Milk(3gx10ea) : Moisturizing/Lightening
Lip pack milk that helps your skin shine!

5. Herb(3gx10ea) : sedation/elasticity
Lip pack hub that helps relax and relax your skin!

(Select Only One)

High-density, moisture-absorbing, high-density cupra sheet

★ product component
peach extract
pomegranate extract
blueberry extract
hojoba seed oil
grape seed oil

milk protein extract
hojoba seed oil
aloe vera leaf juice

royal jelly extract
honey extract
hojoba seed oil
aloe vera leaf juice

lime extract
green apple extract
lemon extract
grapefruit extract
Apple Mint Extract

lavender flower extract
peppermint leaf extract
rosemary leaf extract
chamomile extract

❓[directions for use]
1. Cleanse your skin after washing your face.
2. Unpack the product, remove the protective film, and stick it to your lip shape.
3.After about 5 to 30 minutes, when the lips become moist, slowly remove the patch and gently tap the contents of the lips to absorb it.

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Peach, Fruits, Honey, Milk, Herb


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