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Capacity (weight): 1set (23g * 10EA) 3type select 1 (Red, Yellow, Green)
All skin available
Country of origin: Korea

?[Product Description]
Let’s go on a fresh vegetable & fruit diet!

Nutrition essence with only healthy vegetables and fruits!

Healthy, Fresh Mask Pack

1. Red(23gx10ea) : Red vegetables and fruit components boost energy to boost elasticity of tired skin and help converge with precious astaxanthin, tightening pores to help with skin texture.

2. Yellow(23gx10ea) : Golden vegetables and fruit components soothe and soften the stressful skin, and nourish vitamin complex ingredients to help you return to healthy skin.

3. Green(23gx10ea) : Dry, dry skin, green vegetables and fruit components moisturize and soften, and Ceramide NP and Virginia extract protect pores and skin.

(Select Only One)

High-density, moisture-absorbing, high-density cupra sheet

★ product component
paprika extract
tomato extract
pomegranate extract
apple extract
watermelon extract
Acai Farm Fruit Extracts

corn extract
carrot extract
lemon extract
mango extract
stain pineapple extract
Philippine Orange Extracts

broccoli extract
Western Cabbage Extracts
avocado fruit extract
aloe vera leaf extract
cucumber fruit extract
Kiwi extract

❓[directions for use]
1. Wipe the water after washing your face and cleanse your skin lightly.
2.Put the mask pack sheet on your face according to your eyes and mouth.
3.After about 10 to 15 minutes, slowly remove the sheet and gently tap the remaining essence to absorb it.

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Green, red, Yellow


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