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Capacity (weight): 22 ml * 10EA
All skin available
Country of origin: Korea

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complete heavenly skin

Solving and managing skin problems
To complete the skin that everyone dreams of
find the natural beauty of one’s

Improved face line lifting
It contains collagen and 5 vitamins, which help the skin to be elastic.
Also, a special fabric patch with tight adhesion gently wraps around the jaw line, making it effective for moisturizing and elastic skin.

Special Fabric Premium Patch
Hard pulling with elastic and resilient special fabric does not cause shrinkage and distortion of the seat.
Also, the fabric has excellent elasticity that makes the skin firm and tight.

★ product component
Hydrogel Essence: Unlike conventional sheet masks, hydrogel, which does not flow down as the essence is applied to the sheet in the form of gel, is perfectly adhered to the skin, creating skin with excellent absorption.

Hydrogel is a gel form in which colloidal particles in a solution are solidified into semiconductors with elasticity and rigidity, forming a three-dimensional net and filling the space with liquid.

Transparent protective film: Transparent protective film protecting hydrogel absorbed by the skin is attached to the sheet to prevent gel from drying and to help it absorb well into the skin.

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