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Teumsae ramen (130g)
   Pride of spicy taste / Intense but addictive spiciness
 Paldo Bibimmyeon (130g)
   Spicy, sour, sweet, appetizing delicacy.
– Neoguri Ramen (120g)
   You know what?
   It’s more chewy and rich.
-Buldak stir-fried noodles (140g)
  Hot spicy taste.
  A famous and popular one
– Samyang Ramen (120g)
   Since 1963  /  When I think of ramen~~ Samyang Ramen.
– Shin Ramyun (120g)
  Spicy ramen, Shin ramen
– Anseong Tangmyun (125g)
  perfect for my taste  /  Anseong tangmyun
– Squid Jjambbong (124g)
  Cool Seafood Flavor 
– Jjapaghetti (140g)
  A special soft taste 
– Jin Ramen (Spicy /  mild 120g)
    All-around ramen for any dish.
❝ Recipe 1 : For noodles with soup  
  Boil about 600ml of water.
  Add soup and noodles and boil for 3-5 minutes.
  (You can enjoy it more if you add peppers, onions, green onions, vegetables, eggs,    etc.)
❝ Recipe 2 : For Jjapaghetti Ramen  
  Boil about 500ml of water and dried vegetable soup for about 4 minutes.
  Leave about 8 spoons of water in a pot and mix them evenly.
  Turn off the heat and mix with olive oil soup.
  (Put pork, vegetables, etc. together according to the preference and stir-fry them in    the second step.)
❝ Recipe 3 : For Bibimmyeon  
  Boil about 500ml of water for 4-5 minutes.
  Drain all the water, wash the ramen in cold water, and drain the water out.
   (It’s hot, be careful)
   Put ramen on a plate and mix it well with soup.
   (It tastes better with cucumbers and boiled eggs, depending on your preference.) 
★Product Configuration
Two bags of 10 different kinds of ramen.( 20 bags )

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Weight 3.0 kg


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