?[Product Info]
Capacity (weight): 35 ml * 5EA
All skin available
Country of origin: Korea

?[Product Description]
It contains 720 ppm of rose extract and vitamins that are highly moisturized and effective for skin regeneration, so it is effective for skin calming and skin purification.

Premium Mask Pack with Natural Marine Collagen

Normal skin temperature is 31 degrees.
Outside this temperature, the skin ages rapidly.
Exposure to ultraviolet light increases skin temperature by at least 4 to 5 degrees.
Even if you are exposed to direct sunlight for just 15 minutes in the summer, the collagen decomposition enzyme increases and collagen breaks down and skin aging begins.

Manage skin temperature with water-soluble hydrogel mask pack

★ product component
extract of roses

?[Use it at times like this.]
✔Anyone who wants cool cooling care?
✔The one who always fails pore diets.
✔a man of uneven skin

❓[directions for use]
1. After washing your face, use toner to clean your skin.
2.Push the mask evenly on your face.
3.Take a break for about 20-30 minutes.
4. Tap the essence lightly to absorb it.


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