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51 four seasons hwatu tarot cards

▶By grafting the hwatu expressed from January to December, it is possible to see a professional point as a tarot card.

Without throwing away the unique feeling of hwatu, 48 cards, each with a story, were designed to allow for extended reading from January to December.

The four seasons hwatu tarot cards are as follows.

*Ingredients: magnetic package box + 51 cards + guidebook

1. The composition of the card consists of a total of 51 cards, including 48 cards + 3 character joker cards, for a total of 12 months, 4 cards per month.

-You can check the first card of the month and three person cards. It’s also known as a representative coat card! It’s also a very important keypoint card that allows you to read richly with gender while inserting person cards.

-2. The Korean guide book is 120p in full color and describes the card description and customized keywords. (If you need a Korean translation explanation, please chat me anytime.)

3. Package box is made of 1200g hard yet luxurious magnetic case.

(Please note that minor scratches may occur during the manufacturing process.)


Package size: 155*86.2*38.8mm

Tarot cards 57*87mm

Guidebook 74*112mm

Country of manufacture: Made in Korea

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