[TEA:treat] Tangerine Here Nyan Set 80 Tea Bags Free Shipping + Bottle 500ml

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Cold water OK!

tea bags that are thick in cold water

Eyes and body that feel heavier in the morning

Have a drink a day, feel a pleasant change with a small habit!

We make it clean and safe with honest raw materials.

TEA:treat, eat with confidence

All products of TEA:treat are made in a clean and reliable place that has obtained ISO22000 certification for the entire manufacturing process of carefully selected, washed, crushed, roasted, subdivided and packaged.

The manufacturers and products of #TEA:treat have been certified for safety by an authorized technician.

#Tangerine Eaten Fox Tea (30g(1.5g×20T))

Add fragrant vitamins to fox tea!

Fox Tea maximizes taste and nutrition by manufacturing well-ripe pumpkins grown in Korea and high-quality red beans through special drying and roasting methods unique to Tea Treat.

#Fox tea (30g(1.5g×20T))

The sweetness of the red bean and the sweetness of the pumpkin!!

Do not throw away after use!

At first, the pumpkin taste that oozes quickly, and the second and third, the savory red bean flavor is getting thicker!

#Nyangyi tea (24g(1.2g×20T))

Lemon balm and prune meet to make it lighter and more refreshing!

This herb has a refreshing lemon scent. It contains 5 times more rosemary 

than rosemary and 21 times more than lavender.

The prunes used by Nyanyi tea are difficult to make into tea bags, so they 

contain about 1.6 to 4 times more antioxidants than prunes juice and fresh fruits.

#Giraffe Tea (24g(1.2g×20T))

The bitter taste of bellflower is down, the sweetness of the pear is up

Kirin Tea uses 100% high-quality Korean pears and bellflowers to reduce the earthy smell and bitterness of bellflowers, and provides more savory taste and rich nutrition.


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