What’s special about the poo tissue

1. safe ingredients

-Contains natural ingredients such as aloe vera and camellia extract

2. Convenient usability

-It is a one-touch cap that even children can easily open and close.

3. Flushable fabric

-It is easily decomposed in water so that the flushing becomes like regular toilet paper, and it is biologically decomposed and treated.

-It dissolves well in water, but throwing away too much can clog the toilet.

-It has passed various tests.

(Toilet and drain testing, water and wastewater disintegration testing, household pump testing, sewage treatment testing, biodegradability testing, sedimentation testing)

4. Premium fabric

-Thick premium fabric does not leave residue on hands.

-It is more economical because it can be solved with one sheet.

I’m curious about the poo tissue!

Q> The color of the wipes is weird.

A> It is true by keeping the color of the pulp as it is.

Q> What if the toilet is clogged?

A> Avoid using it in a place where the water pressure is weak, and be sure to throw only 1 or 2 sheets into the toilet at a time!

Q>How much is in one pack?

A> One pack contains 60 sheets.

Q>What is the difference from regular wet wipes?

A>We used a flushable fabric that dissolves easily in water.

How to use

1. Be sure to close the lid.

If the wipe cap or sticker is not closed well after use, foreign substances may enter. Be sure to close the cap as there is a possibility of secondary contamination.

2. What is the expiration date?

Unopened products can be stored for up to 2 years from the date of manufacture, but we recommend using opened wet wipes as soon as possible (within 3 weeks).

3. How is it stored?

The product may deteriorate when exposed to high temperature or direct sunlight for a long time, so please store it in a cool place.


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