** Attention **

The vitamin powder package inside the heart can is random

Each BTS member’s Lemona has an external package open to verify their member.

The benefit of Vitamin C Lemona

– Effective on melasma(black spot) and freckle on skin generated by ultraviolet

rays and stress.

– Protect skeleton, muscle, skin by helping collagen synthesis.

– Reduce fatigue

– Help recovery during or after illness

– Good to pregnant women, breastfeeding women, growing children,

old people, smokers, etc

– Control physiological function and make smooth metabolism.

When to have Vitamin C Lemona?

1. To maintain elastic and shiny skin

– Melasma(black spot) and freckle prevention

– Skin whitening effect

– A must-have in a woman’s bag with interest on their skin

2. To prevent a cold

– Cold prevention by keeping cold virus invading into cells

3. After a workout and outdoor activities

– After doing sports or workout, which consumes much physical strength

4. when drinking

– Lemona is good to the thirsty throat after smoking or drinking

5. When studying, when working

– Lemona reduces stress and fatigue.

6. For driving, travel, and leisure

– The sweet and sour taste of Lemona makes you feel refreshed

▶ Method of intake

Above 8 years children and adults: 1 sachet / once a day.


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