-Baek Hyo-jung baby products can be used from ages 0 to 3 (15kg)
-Don’t pose as a fisherman until 100 days ago or until you can lift your head.
– After using it within an hour, rest for 3 to 4 hours, and then use it again. You can gradually increase the time from when you can fully lift your head.
-Make sure your baby’s legs are M after wearing them.

Color: Navy.

Material: polyester, cotton.

Weight: 500g or less.


Product: Baby carrier.
Model Name: Baek Hyo Jung Baby Belt- Strap Type.
Type: Strap.
Brand Name: Baek Hyo-jung Baby Carrier.
Country of manufacture: Korea, South.
Manufacturer Name: Baek Hyo-jung Baby Carrier.
Vendor Name: Baek Hyo-jeong Baby Carrier.
Age of use: 0 years old or older.
Limit weight: 15kg or less.

Precautions for use:

1. Before use, familiarize yourself with how to use the adjustment parts, buckles, and straps of each part and check them again and again.
2. Do not force a baby who is not sitting in an M-shape with a string forcefully.
3. Do not remove your hand from the baby with an uneasy sitting position.
4. For safety, make sure to fit the seat belt on the hips to your body shape.
5. If you wear the waist buckle loosely, it may cause trouble on the waist and back. Please wear it as tightly as possible to suit your body shape.
6. Apply space between baby and caregiver. There is a risk of falling if your baby moves forward, backward, left or right.
7. Be careful not to let parts such as buckles get caught in the hands or body of babies or guardians.
8. Please refrain from leaning over or running during use as there is a risk of the baby falling.
9. Do not use within 30 minutes after feeding or for more than 2 hours in a row.
10. No matter how careful it is during use, the guardian is prohibited from using both hands on motorcycles, bicycles, and other vehicles.
11. Be sure to wear it while sitting in a safe place. If you are not familiar with it, use it after sufficient practice without a baby or use it with the help of others.
12. If there is any damage to the product (damage such as buckles, string cuts, etc.) due to a consumer’s fault during use, discontinue use.
13. Please try to prevent swallowing accidents such as blockage of the baby’s airway and string buckle.
14. When washing, do not soak or boil dark-colored products in water. When washing with light-colored products, there is a risk of dye transfer, so be sure to wash separately.
15. Dry after complete dehydration. The buckle may be damaged, so use a laundry net and dry naturally.


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