Now! Now, choose almonds of various flavors!!!!

01. Honey Butter Almond : 

       A combination of savory sweetness and salty taste

02. Wasabi Almond : Spicy wasabi taste, rich umami and salty taste

03. Baked Corn Almond :

       Savory taste and savory flavor of corn, grain corn crunchy delicious

04. Caramel Almond & Pretzel : 

       The sweet and salty taste of caramel and the pretzel taste

05. Garlic Bread Almond : 

       The scent of crunchy baguettes and thick garlic

06. Cookie & Cream Almond : 

       Sweet and crispy meeting with white cream and black cookies

07. Black Sesame Almond : 

       Indulge in the rich sweetness that suits your enthusiast’s taste.

08. Injeolmi Almond :

       The sweet taste of Injeolmi that becomes more savory as you eat.

09. Tiramisu Almond : 

       Luxurious and elegant tiramisu almond flavor.


10. Tteokbokki Almond : 

       Spicy Tteokbokki flavored almonds


11. Cheongyang Mayo Almond : 

     Spicy cheongyang pepper flavor with mayonnaise. Good to eat with beer.


12. Jeju Matcha Almond : 

      Sweet, savory and crispy, refreshing taste

13. Mint Choco Almond : 

       A fantasy collaboration of French chocolate chips, luxurious sweetness.

14. Starlight Pang Pang Almond : 

      The taste of sweet chocolate popping in your mouth.

15. Toffee Nut Latte Almond : 

      A taste that combines the flavors of caramel and butter, milk, coffee, and almonds.

16. Black Sugar Milk Tea Almond : 

       Extreme sweetness, attractive black sugar milk tea flavor

17. Honey Citron Almond :

      It contains the original taste of yuzu, which is attractive for its freshness.

18. Cherry Jubilee Almond : 

       The rich aroma and sweetness of a cherry that spreads comfortably!

       Cherry and almond meet.

19. Hazelnut bong bong:

       Meet a fresh combination of a whole grain of fresh hazelnut in sweet chocolate.

20. Carrot Cake Almond:

       A fantastic taste made with good milk and cream cheese by choosing the freshest carrots!

Dimensions 13 × 22 × 2 cm
Product Kind

01. Honey Butter Almond, 02. Wasabi Almond, 03. Baked Corn Almond, 04. Caramel Almond & Pretzel, 05. Garlic Bread Almond, 06. Cookie & Cream Almond, 07. Black Sesame Almond, 08. Injeolmi Almond, 09. Tiramisu Almond, 10. Tteokbokki Almond, 11. Cheongyang Mayo Almond, 12. Jeju Matcha Almond, 13. Mint Choco Almond, 14. Starlight Pang Pang Almond, 15. Toffee Nut Latte Almond, 16. Black Sugar Milk Tea Almond, 17. Honey Citron Almond, 18. Cherry Jubilee Almond, 19. Hazelnut Bong Bong, 20. Carrot Cake Almond


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