Healing Kitchen 800℃ Waffle Pan

[Characteristics of the Whaplan]
1. Excellent thermal preservation
2. Strong durability
3. Separate and washable
4. Modal Hot Air Balloon Available
5. Strictly unwinding & production management

Healing Kitchen 800℃ Waffle Pan

Cook a variety of dishes such as waffles, cropples, fried chicken eggs, fried rice, and toast in a healing kitchen at 800°C. The cast iron waffle pan makes food delicious and stable at high temperatures and can be used in various heat sources (induction, electric stove, gas stove, ceramic heater, oven, barbecue grill)

The waffle is made into 5 heart-shaped pieces, and when you open it after completion, it is finished in a heart-shaped shape and can be eaten right away without the need to cut it 🙂 ※When cooking at high temperatures, the waffle may burn out. Do

Cook pancakes, fried eggs, honey hotteok, and nurungji in a cast iron waffle pan at 800 degrees Celsius.

Easy to store due to its small volume

The overall diameter is 19cm, the height is 2.7cm, and the height when the waffle is made is about 2cm, and it is 2.9kg with a heavy weight. The round-shaped sphere acts as a stopper to prevent the lid from opening 180 degrees behind it, so it is safe and convenient to use.

Healing Kitchen 800℃ Waffle pan does not have a separate coating, so you need to preheat for 4 minutes over medium heat in the order of the top and bottom and cover with oil.

How to Seasoning ☞ Apply oil evenly on a cast iron waffle pan and heat the top/bottom sides over medium heat for 10 minutes.

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 38 × 19 × 2.7 cm


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