– Tables of Contents

LESSON 1. Too much, Very

LESSON 2. Linking Verbs

LESSON 3. In front of, Behind, Next to, On top of, Under

LESSON 4. Shall we …?, I wonder …

LESSON 5. Approximately, About 

LESSON 6. Future Tense

LESSON 7. Linking Verbs

LESSON 8. To look like, To seem like (used with nouns)

LESSON 9. To look like, To seem like (used with verbs)

LESSON 10. Before -ing

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LESSON 11. Irregulars: ㅂ 

LESSON 12. But still, Nevertheless

LESSON 13. Making Adjectives (Part 1)

LESSON 14. Making Adjectives (Part 2)

LESSON 15. Well then, In that case, If so

LESSON 16. Let&s

LESSON 17. In order to, For the sake of

LESSON 18. Nothing but, Only

LESSON 19. After -ing

LESSON 20. Even if, Even though

[Blog] Things to Do in Korea: Board Game Cafes

LESSON 21. Linking Verbs

LESSON 22. Maybe I might …

LESSON 23. Word Builder 1

LESSON 24. Irregulars: 르 

LESSON 25. Verb Ending 

LESSON 26. Irregulars: ㄷ 

LESSON 27. Politeness Levels 

LESSON 28. &Let&s& in Casual Language

LESSON 29. Irregulars: ㅅ 

LESSON 30. Word Builder 2 

[Blog] Harvest Festival / Korean Thanksgiving: Chuseok

– Reviews by people who have purchased this book

Alan S.

These are very helpful in conjunction with a Korean class I take with a local Korean organization. It follows closely with our class textbook. Great job on assembling these!

Stella j.

Fantastic learning tool! The ‘Talk to Me in Korean’-textbook manages to teach you Korean in a systematic, user friendly and (of course) fun way! The textbook is set up in a way for everyone to comprehend and the illustrations fit perfectly into the atmosphere of the book. The audio with the pronunciations is just a click away and the transition from reading to starting speaking the languages is faster and more fun than ever. Once again, amazing work from the TTMIK-team 🙂

Melanie S.

Across the board, TTMIK ships! Awesome content in the Grammar Textbook Level 3, as is characteristic of TTMIK, so this time I’d like to mention the aesthetics of the TTMIK Grammar Textbooks. This is the third of my Grammar Textbooks that has traveled over 7,000 miles and arrived in absolutely perfect condition (signed by my teachers!). I really like the design. The folds of the front and back cover are very nice details that add to the sturdiness of the book and also mark my place. In addition to the excellent and entertaining style of the authors, the page layouts, fonts, and illustrations are visually pleasing, so after a long hard day at work, working in my Grammar Textbook is like a reward. Thank you to all at TTMIK!

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Paper Book: 200 pages

Product Dimensions: 188 * 220 * 13 mm

Shipping Weight: 486g

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