– Tables of Contents

Lesson 1. Almost did …

Lesson 2. Honorific Suffix

Lesson 3. Good work 

Lesson 4. I guess, I assume (Part 1)

Lesson 5. I guess, I assume (Part 2)

Lesson 6. Word Builder 6

Lesson 7. As soon as …

Lesson 8. It is about to …, I am planning to …

Lesson 9. While I was doing …, … and then … 

Lesson 10. (To say) that something/someone is + noun

[Blog] Shopping in Korea: Stephanie’s Korean Beauty Product Introduction

Lesson 11. Sentence Building Drill 3

Lesson 12. Noun + that is called / that people say is + noun

Lesson 13. Word Builder 7 

Lesson 14. Since, Because, As

Lesson 15. At least, Instead, It might not be the best but …

Lesson 16. Narrative Present Tense in Korean

Lesson 17. (To say) that something/someone + verb

Lesson 18. Whether or not

Lesson 19. To tell someone to do something

Lesson 20. Sentence Building Drill 4

[Blog] Things to Do in Korea: Noraebang

Lesson 21. Word Contractions – Object marker

Lesson 22. Word Builder 8

Lesson 23. It seems like… / I assume…

Lesson 24. Not A But B, Don’t do THIS but do THAT

Lesson 25. Compared to, Relatively

Lesson 26. Instead of …

Lesson 27. You know, Isn’t it …?, You see …, Come on …

Lesson 28. To have no other choice but to…

Lesson 29. They said that they had done…, They said that they would…

Lesson 30. Sentence Building Drill 5

[Blog] Korean Food Recipes: Stephanie’s Sweet Pancake (호떡) Recipe

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Destiny V.

Very pleased. The books came on time and were in great condition, I love the books they have helped me so much with learning the beautiful language. I would definitely recommend talktomeinkorean to anyone who wants to learn Korean without it being so difficult.

Inna A.

Good book! This book is really great.The pictures and design is so adorable!I like it so much!

Shellanovia M.

I love this book! As always, TTMIK books never disapointed me. I bought this book & it help me learning Korean a lot. Hopefully, you’ll publish Grammar Textbook Level 6 soon~ ^^

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