To those people…
I’m giving you help.
For those who need to nourish their eyes,
People who use smartphones, tablets, and PCs often.
Anyone who wants to take care of your family’s health?
Who doesn’t eat vegetables and fruits.
For those who want to eat delicious and simple health functional foods,
Anyone who wants to take marigold extract and vitamin C at once?

It’s extracted from Indian marigold flowers.
It contains 10 mg of lutein.

Lutein is a carotenoid and is a component of the retina and macula in the eye.
It is not synthesized in our body and plays a role in protecting our eyes from ultraviolet rays or external substances.
It helps eye health by increasing the density of macular pigments.

It’s a powder that melts in your mouth without water!
The powder color may not be uniform because no pigment is added.
It is a normal product with no problem with the unique color of the raw material.

Kids Stunton Lutein carefully chose…
6 supplementary ingredients.

Blueberry concentrated powder.
(Supplementary Ingredient) Beta Carotene Mixture (Supplementary Ingredient) Vitamin A Mixture (Supplementary Ingredient)

Chicory roots.
Extract powder.
Rice fermentation powder.
(Supplementary ingredient) Berry mixed concentrate powder.

Kids strong lutein. Like this.
Eat it!
Once a day, eat one packet as it is!
It’s sweet and sour, so mix it with yogurt for your children’s snacks!
Mix it with water and drinks to make it more delicious!

Precautions for ingestion Excessive ingestion can temporarily turn your skin yellow. You have a specific disease or allergy.
If you have a constitution, check the ingredients of the raw material before intake, consult with an expert, and consume them. This is the case.
In case of occurrence, stop eating and consult an expert. When opening a product, it can be damaged by packaging.
Please be careful.

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