Smartphone, computer, TV…
Our eyes are used every day.

20 mg of lutein in 1 capsule helps with eye health!
A choice for healthy eyes!
Lutein gold, which is good for eyes.
Marigold flower extract that can help with eye health!

I’m going to help you!
We will provide help to those who fall under the contents below.

Smartphone for a long time.
For those who watch TV, those who need visual adaptation in the dark, or those who study for a long time,

Vitamin A.
For those who lack intake, those who are worried about eye health due to stress, or those who drive a lot at night,

Because of aging, my eyes…
If you want to keep your eyes healthy, if you have irregular eating habits,

[Original name and content] Marigold flower extract (marigold flower extract, safflower seed oil), DL-alpha-tocopherol, nicotine amide, manganese sulfate,
Zinc oxide, vitamin A (vitamin A, peanut oil, vitamin E), vitamin B2, folic acid, soybean oil, wheat lead, blueberry concentrated powder (dextrin, blue).
Berry concentrated solid content), soybean lecithin, low molecular weight fish collagen, calcium pantotenate, conjugated linoleic acid powder, vitamin C, beta-carotene mixture,
Contains copper sulfate, vitamin B6 hydrochloride, dry yeast (vitamin D2), vitamin B12 milk, peanuts, soybeans, sulfates, and beef. Capsule base gelatin (right skin), glycerin, D-consitol solution, caramel pigment, titanium dioxide (colorant)

Take a break from 1 out of 1 capsule a day with wool.
[Precautions for eating] If you’re allergic to something, consult a doctor.
Check the intake method before eating. Before eating, check the expiration date before eating.
Don’t eat it. If you experience abnormal symptoms, stop eating and consult a specialist.
Hope! 13 is excessive. When searching, Five is a servant of rice as a bird.

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